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Hiking Skyline.

This post goes out to all my girls out there who are not particularly outdoors-y. Let’s be honest, yes- I love to run outside (not trails, unless they are paved) and yes- I do love hiking, but camping…oh. no. You could not pay me to go camping. My friends always laugh at me every time I say that, but really. No. Camping + me = hot mess. I have a major aversion to sleeping in a bag, much less on the ground, and I am perpetually scared of wolves, bears and bugs (oh my!).  Hiking, however, is the one thing I love to do, making me feel like I can actually be an outdoors-y person. With that being said, living in Virginia is the perfect for enjoying the great outdoors, however you do it. This week’s post covers one of the many trails found along Skyline Drive.

For all my non-Virignia residents out there, Skyline Drive is an approximately 109-mile road that runs the entire length of Shenandoah National Park, highlighting the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains that I first fell in love with while attending James Madison University. Let me tell you- those mountains are hard to miss, whether driving along Skyline Drive or 81-S. Either way, Shenandoah National Park  has many hiking trails embedded along side of Skyline Drive. So, that’s where we went. One of many trails, which ended up being a 5-mile hike (phew). If you have not had the opportunity to drive along Skyline Drive, or hike in the Shenandoah National Park – do it. Even in the winter, the scenery did not disappoint, although I look forward to doing it again, come fall.

Skyline Drive Hike-8_watermarkSkyline Drive Hike-6_watermarkSkyline Drive Hike-4_watermarkSkyline Drive Hike-11_watermarkSkyline Drive Hike-10_watermark

For any of my readers living in the state of Virginia, please feel free to share some of your most cherished hiking trails. Always up for a challenge (just as long as I don’t get eaten alive) :).

Also – if you like these pictures or any others, please feel free to “like” or “share” with friends and family members. And, if you have something you want to see in future blogs, please feel free to comments below.

Until next time,

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