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Jonas & Java

Wow!! I’ve never met anyone named Jonas, but if I ever do, I hope they are nothing like the snowstorm we just got. Remember that time in December when we all were amazing at the 50-70 degree weather? Well, I guess Mother Nature wanted to make up for lost time, with Jonas leaving behind 30+ inches of snow! Facebook photos are being posted by most of my family members/friends/acquaintances, as well as myself, showing a TREMENDOUS amount of snow along the east cost. Snow piled high on cars, snow covering the streets of New York City preventing cars/taxis from driving, and even snow high enough to cover half of someone’s front and/or garage door(s)! So, I do hope that anyone who had or will have to drive in this weather gets to where they need to be safe and sound, and that everyone enjoys it for what it’s worth! I know I would not have been able to make it through without plenty of java and relaxation time with my family!


(Above is a photo of our front door amidst the snowstorm)


Fun fact:

I have never snowboarded. Or skied. Or went snow tubing. Or really any “winter sport”, other than sledding. To be frank, since I have made it this far in my life without having done any of those activities, I really have no desire to. But I’ll be honest, it’s really more because I’m scared. Ah! Scared of breaking my neck. BUT – to any friend or family member, I can be a good cheerleader if you want to bring me along :).

Better fact:

I may be lacking in other areas of winter fun, but I will “toot my own horn” here and say, I can make a pretty great snowman. After having sung 2 songs from Frozen to my husband, including Do You Want to Build a Snowman?, we trekked into the white abyss to get started. Prepped with a red scarf and carrot in hand. He might not be as cute as Olaf, but we nailed it with pipe cleaners for arms, and mini Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups for eyes (what? It was the only thing we had!).


Our town home community has a lot of animal lovers living in the neighborhood, so I’ve seen too many dogs to count during this snowstorm that were being walked that were ecstatic to play in the snow. It was possibly one of the cutest things EVER. Ours included. Our animals were able to gracefully make it through the storm without trekking too much snow in the house, but most importantly – they were happy ❤ .

Snowstorm-1_watermarkThis photo is, hands-down, my favorite. Mollie is a real character and I can’t help but laugh some of the every time I see it. She was loving the snow, especially as it was first falling. I think after 20″, she was a little confused on what to do next!Snowstorm-8_watermark


By the end of the weekend, our babies were exhausted and decided to get cozy with their humans, whenever they could!

What are some of the things you all did to survive Jonas? Anthony and I played cards, took turns shoveling, watched a few movies, drank coffee and lots of other warm liquids and best of all- we built our snowman! Comment below to share!


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