#FridayFeature, Family Portraits

#FridayFeature Flashback?

Hooray for Friday! It’s been a busy week at the office and I know I’m looking forward to seeing one of my best friends from college this weekend, coming in from Baltimore, and getting a little bit more sleep than I have been. YAY for life goals.

So for today’s #FridayFeature I just had to post one of my favorite memories that Facebook had so recently reminded me of. I have a special relationship with my Facebook memories – the photos or Facebook statues that come up usually fall into one of four main categories:

  1. Category #1: WHAT is that.
    • What was I wearing? Which typically leads to: Why was I wearing that?
    • And, why did I think that was okay?! …Embarrassing!
    • These tend to be pretty epic photos.
  2. Category #2: WHAT does that even mean?!
    • What did that Facebook status even mean, and why did I post on my friends’ or college roommate’s Facebook wall, while I was sitting in the same room as them? The world may never know…
  3. Category #3: Remember them?
    • Some of the most awkward documentation of current or prior friendships/relationships. Not always a bad thing, but nonetheless a flashback in time.
  4. Category #4: the Squad.
    • Some of the best memories of current or prior friendships/relationships. These are the people you still spend the majority of your time with: your friends, your best friends, your significant others, etc. These are your people. #squadgoals

On that note, Facebook has been sharing these memories with me, and ironically over the past few years, I guess I’m pretty active in January so I’ve been seeing a good variety of each category. This week’s #FridayFeature is actually one of those #4 memories.

AK kiss__watermark

This photo was taken in January 2015 while we were still living in Christiansburg. We had driven up to Roanoke, to go to a little zoo right across the way. For those of you looking to travel in southwestern Virginia, this is a beautiful overlook right across from the Roanoke Star. Another one of my best friends from college was visiting at the time, and we were lucky enough to have this memory captured on film. So cheers to those #4 Facebook memories for making us smile and for all of the hilarious memories that Facebook musters up for us on a daily basis.

Until next time, xo

KMF Photography






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