It’s Fri-YAY!


A sick day is best spent with a little relaxation with your pup cuddling on the couch next to (or in some instances) laying on you, editing photos, and wrapping up in a warm blanket watching Law & Order. Or Criminal Minds – did someone say Derek Morgan? Spencer Reid? Am I right?!

reid and derekreid and derek

(no, this is not my photo but I cannot get enough of these two)

Although I love Reid and Morgan, unfortunately they are not the feature this week. This week’s #FridayFeature is a photo selected by my husband, also hinting at what’s in store for Monday’s blog post highlighting our trip to the State Arboretum of Virginia. There’s nothing like crisp, white snow to enhance the beauty of a photo. Now that it’s all starting to melt (and I can’t believe almost all 30+ inches are gone), I’m looking forward to more sunshine in hopes of spring! I love this week’s feature because my husband was the one to choose the photo. Since I’ve started taking photos, he has been nothing but supportive and full of love along the way. And he doesn’t mind that I take the camera almost everywhere we go :).

Arboretum-4_watermarkKeep an eye out for Monday’s post to catch a glimpse of more arboretum photos!

Until then,

xoxo KMF Photography





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