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Conference Call

Well, it’s back to work after a weekend of relaxation, having the weekend before consist of medical-related lectures, networking with other professionals in the bariatric field, and of course lots of food and maybe even some adult beverages (or three. a night.) Oops ;-). Either way, having attended the Virginia Bariatric Society conference, I had a grand ol’ time conversing and learning new things to relate to what I do as a bariatric dietitian. But, to make it even better, my friend (and fellow bariatric dietitian, Jen) managed to represent for our practice by going golfing with one of our vitamin company representatives and the creator of  the laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery! What? You don’t know what that means? Just trust me… it was pretty awesome. Oh, did I mention, we’ve never played golf before….hahaha.

PS…. here’s a joke. “What time do you need to go golfing?”

FORE! Hahahaha. Good thing I didn’t tell that one on our little adventure, eh?

Moving on! Anyway, while we had some downtime, Jen and I went on an adventure of the grounds of this resort hotel and it was stunning. So naturally, we took photos.


xoxo KMF Photography


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