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Fallin’ for Fall

Fall is in full swing, but as of a week ago, you wouldn’t have known it: between the 75-80 degree days or the delay in the leaves changing! Now the leaves are finally bursting with color and beginning to leave their trace all over the place; one of my absolute favorite things, (probably ever).

I mean, who didn’t love jumping into a pile of leaves after they had been raked? Let’s be honest here, people. Shoot, even my dog loves it ❤

Anyway, after looking for a new place to hike, aiming to experience nature in all of it’s fall glory, we stumbled on a gem: Sky Meadows State Park. For those of you who have not been there are two important things to know: (1) You need to pay to enter (aka park your car) and (2) it is worth every cent of the $5 that you pay. There are over 7 different trails, including a black diamond trail, which is next on our to-do list. But my absolute favorite, was the Piedmont Overlook. Don’t let the 0.6 mile distance fool you – you will be trekking almost all of this uphill (a very steep uphill). But again, worth it.



Until next time,

xoxo KMF Photography



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