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Three Cheers for Three Years

Time flies, but memories last forever

It’s amazing how fast time flies; especially when there’s a little one that you just don’t want to grow up! One of my favorite little girl’s is about to turn three, and I still remember her “scooting” and crawling all over the place. Now this little sassy sweetie is walking her way into the hearts of everyone around her.

Ryleigh was actually the first toddler I had ever taken pictures of, and as of a year ago, my very first blog post was dedicated to her. Oh my, how time really does fly.

Prior to celebrating a  family member’s baby shower for their  little one on-the-way, this little photoshoot took place in Edinburg, VA. Check out Miss Ryleigh as she gets ready to turn another year older, yet managing to get cuter and cuter as she goes!



Can we just stop for a quick second… could she get any cuter? The answer would be no…;-)rpg-10_watermark


And last but not least – the gals that made this photoshoot possible. A big thank you to Ry’s wonderful mother, Nicole, and of course, Gwyneth for helping her to smile, run amuck, and include those little girl giggles that could make anyone’s heart melt.rpg-22_watermarkWith lots of laughs, loves & little hugs,

xoxo KMF Photography


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