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2017: Welcome to KMF Photography, LLC

So this post is a little delayed, but, if you’re reading this – please know that I can hardly contain my excitement. I mean I literally feel like a kid in candy store, right now. Part of my new year’s resolution for 2017 was to become official. I am officially a licensed business owner and I could not feel anymore ecstatic about this!

You may have noticed some changes around the website. With the start of this new chapter of my life, I decided to make my branding a little more personal. Many of you who know me personally, know I tend to dabble in multiple things at once – but, hey, I love being busy. Wondering why my new logo is a pineapple? Well, my career by day is a Registered Dietitian, personal trainer by night. Needless to say health is important to me, but so is photography.

With that being said, the following quote has resonated with me to be confident in myself and my talents, but to be a better individual – so what better way to incorporate it as a symbol for my passions?


Thank you to everyone who has been cheering me on along the way, and helping my to keep my passion alive; you all mean more than you know! Keep an eye out for the next blog post featuring sweet, baby Andelyn – COMING SOON!

xoxo KMF Photography


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