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Frye Maternity

35 weeks have flown by, and so it was time to make sure we designated some time with a good friend, for some of our own maternity photos. Being a photographer, I have to say, it’s always so much fun to help pose and come up with ideas for photos. So, this time, the role were reversed, and we had such a blast!!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I will do what it takes to get a good photo, so needless to say, by the end of the shoot, I could hardly feel my fingers or toes & Anthony felt the same. But, we absolutely love, love, love that we had the opportunity for a photoshoot in the snow!

Here are Anthony’s top five favorites:

Frye Maternity-30_watermark
Frye Maternity-5_watermark
Frye Maternity-10_watermark
Frye Maternity-27_watermark
Frye Maternity-7_watermark

And, my top five favorites:

Frye Maternity-3_watermark
Frye Maternity-14_watermark
Frye Maternity-23_watermark
Frye Maternity-36_watermark
Frye Maternity-47






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